Teacher grants

The PTA reserves $100 per teacher per year for class projects or field trips. These grants may be used on their own, though they are often more effective when combined with grants from other funding sources like the Ithaca Public Education Initiative or the Fine Arts Booster Group.

The Curriculum Enhancement Committee (“CEC”) is a group of Fall Creek teachers and parents that works to support staff members’ initiatives to keep students excited about learning. This includes writing grants, helping staff to write grants, and brainstorming ways to get resources without spending money.

To apply for the PTA classroom grant or for help from the CEC in navigating the granting environment, teachers can download and fill out the form below. Return the form to the PTA President’s mailbox in the main office. There is no deadline for PTA classroom grants, though money can not be carried over to a subsequent year, and other granting programs do have several deadlines throughout the year.

CECform.pdf124.82 KB