How-To Guide

How do I get a message sent out on the PTA e-mail list? Log in to this site (or create an account if you need one) and then choose “Create content > Story” on the left. Please be brief, write your message for an audience of 350 people in various roles (parents, staff, administrators, visitors), and include contact information, along with date, time and place, if relevant. A site editor will check your message before publishing it. If you have any difficulty posting through the site, send the text of your announcement to

How do I get a flyer in the take-home folders? Folders usually go home on Thursdays. The deadline for getting a flyer included is noon on Tuesday. Ask the school secretary (Kelly Ross) in the office for the list of how many copies to make for each class. (It’s also on her bulletin board.)

If you are doing a flyer: Please include the PTA logo. Right-click and save one of these:


Other configurations of the logo are available. Our logo designer says the Georgia font is a nice match.

If you are copying a flyer: The PTA may use the school’s copiers but must provide the paper. We keep colored paper in the file cabinet next to the copier on the 2nd floor. If there is no more paper, you can buy more and submit an expense report the the treasurer (see reimbursements).

PTA mailbox: Is in the set of cubbies main office, on the right, in the bottom two cubbies. This is where you can leave information for our treasurer or other officers.

Get on the Web! Each event or program has its own section on the web site. Forwarding addresses for events mean you don’t need to publicize your personal e-mail. (For example: Your articles about your program will show up on the front page of the site, under your program’s heading, and on the e-mail list (or some subset of those if appropriate).

Are you buying something for the PTAWe’re tax-exempt: Please refer to the PTA Reimbursement Policy for full details.

We reimburse you: Again, please refer to the PTA Reimbursement Policy for full details.

Are you holding an event at school? Make sure a building use form has been submitted to the school secretary, Kelly Ross. Please allow extra time for set-up and clean-up when you request times. Specify what rooms you want to use (cafeteria, lobby). Even if you are just tabling in the lobby, you need to turn in a form. If you want to use a teacher’s room, you need to get permission directly from the teacher first. Need help? If you have any questions, contact the PTA vice president at

PTA tables: The PTA owns several, light-weight white tables that you can use for school events. They are kept at the back of the stage or by the steps to the stage.

Serving food? No products with peanuts or other nuts please.

Need volunteers? Contact the PTA vice president at She has a list of people who are willing to help as needed. You can also speak at our monthly PTA meetings (first Monday of most months) to recruit.

If you are tabling, it is helpful to make a large sign so people know what you are up to. The PTA easel is usually at the back of the stage or next to the PTA tables near the steps to the stage.

No cash in the PTA mailbox please: Cash should be given directly to a PTA officer. Please write a check if you need to leave it in the mailbox, and include a detailed description of what the check is for.

School and PTA address: 202 King St., Ithaca, NY 14850

Fall Creek PTA Federal ID: 16-1374737

Fall Creek PTA NY State Tax Exempt ID: 145236

Would you like to STOP getting PTA mailing list emails? Login to your account at and then click the “My account” link under your name on the left sidebar. Click on the “NOTIFICATIONS” tab on your “My account” page, un-check both options under “edit subscriptions,” and then click the “Update” button.